Transnational meeting in Greece


RELAR meetup in Syros

During the 13th and 14th of September a RELAR transnational meeting took place in the island of Syros. The meeting coincided with the 1st workshop on Marine Technology which took place one day before, on the 12th of September, under the auspices of the newly established SmartMove lab of the University of Aegean.

The two events brought together business leaders and academics in Marine Technology with RELAR partners who are actively engaged in Maritime education and research with particular interest in the application of modern technologies (such as augmented/assisted reality) in this domain.

day 1 – Marine Technology Workshop, also attended by RELAR project partners

Project meetings

During the two-day project meetings we had the opportunity to work together and fine-tune the project’s running. Partners presented their scenario progress and use cases, UNIAEGEAN presented the first version of a custom RELAR app for the HMT-1 and gathered valuable feedback towards a more updated and feature-rich version, STC partners presented a detailed example of HMT-1 use with digital workflows, and also highlighted dissemination activities and a look towards future applications and possibilities. We were also given a thorough presentation into the important aspect of situational awareness, a critical aspect of virtual and assisted reality technologies. Finally we examined logistics, documentation and quality assurance issues.

situational awareness; a critical aspect of virtual and assisted reality technologies

During the third day of our meeting we engaged in live braintorming and collaboration, fine-tuning deliverables and timelines, organizing future actions and establishing a common optimal  road path for the near future. 

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