MCAST EXPO conference


RELAR Project presentation

A presentation on the Erasmus Relar project delivered by Ing Christian Camilleri during 2021 MCAST EXPO conference. During the presentation, Ing. Camilleri delivered an overview of the Relar Project especially the project’s objectives. These include:

  • To develop a strategic and focused methodology on the use of AR technology in VET maritime education.
  • To enhance competences and skills of the learners and also educators
  • To raise awareness, boost motivation (of both students and teachers), making education more appealing
  • To establish a community of practitioners to share good example cases in the field of AR for VET purposes.
  • To establish a digital library of practical AR cases in maritime, logistics & transport sector.
  • To enhance the resilience of maritime VET ecosystem increased (minimize the affects of other potential lockdowns).
Presenting RELAR project during MCAST EXPO conference