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REmote Learning
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A brief introduction


RELAR project aims to create a crisis-proof resilient maritime VET ecosystem by enabling remote learning and examination using Augmented Reality, AR. It addresses key challenges of the maritime and port education ecosystem caused by structural change due to new digital technologies. It focuses on the adoption of augmented reality tools to improve learning outcomes.

RELAR is driven by a consortium formed by European VET and HEI organizations and will tackle all the deficiencies unearthed by the COVID-19 crisis focusing on transferring the expertise and knowledge of industrial organizations in improving security, safety and efficiency by empowering frontline connected workers with remote technology. The maritime VET education ecosystem must become more resilient to crisis and improve adaptation capacity to forced shifts imposed by force majeure. Being tightly linked to other ecosystems having a major role in economy and in society as a whole (port ecosystem, national, European and international education ecosystem) maritime education has to be capable to absorb social shocks generated by crisis situations and to ensure the continuity of the learning process.

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latest development

EVBB Congress 2023

The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) held its 2023 congress in Uppsala, Sweden, during 8-10th of June.

RELAR project and its spin-off ROCSTAR have been showcased by Adrian Butnaru on 9th of June.


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Smart Vision 2022

After a successful innovation conference in February 2020, Smart Vision, the main high-tech event organized by STC Group, returned on the 1st of June proposing to the port stakeholders struggling with the digital transformation of their organizations a new live event with the subject: “Port safety & technology”. Read more…

Smart Vision 2022

Port Safety & Technology